New Era Life wishes to announce that the relationship with Vision Direct (t/a TransAfrica) and associated group companies, has been terminated on 2 May 2022 with a 90-day notice of termination running until 31 July 2022.

As TransAfrica does not have mandate to collect premiums nor pay claims for New Era Life. The Policy Holders is requested to pay directly to New Era Life to keep their policies active.

All policyholders who are underwritten with New Era Life have the choice to deal directly with New Era Life.

Should you be a Policy Holder and intend to remain Underwritten please contact New Era Life directly on 011 4630463 or info@neweralife.co.za

Please contact us urgently on the details below should you require any further information

011 463 0463


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New Era Life Insurance SOC Ltd

New Era Life Insurance SOC Ltd is an Authorised Financial Services Provider and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Limpopo Economic Development Agency, The Agency of the Limpopo Economic Development, Environment and Tourism Department.

New Era Life Insurance SOC Ltd has been a leading life assurance underwriter since 1979, a lifespan of four decades of client satisfaction.

To our clients, we are a trusted partner on their journey to Sustainable Financial Freedom.

Our vast knowledge and experience in funeral insurance underwriting, speedy turnaround in claims payment underpinned by strong relationships with our distribution partners sets us head and shoulders above our peers in our chosen market.

Our Business

New Era Life Insurance was established in 1979 as an Entity of the then Limpopo Development Corporation.
  • Our Business is mainly life underwriting either as group schemes or as individual lives.
  • We develop our own in-house products and services.
  • We reach our customers through a strong intermediated distribution network.

We exist to improve the lives of our customers, by being their trusted partner on the journey to sustainable financial freedom.

Our underwriting philosophy follows a client-centric model and leveraging our vast experience, our products and services are always on point.

While we are a business to business company, we craft our financial solutions with the end-user in mind. 

We subscribe to co-creation, cooperation, and coordination, and to this end, we tap into the intelligence of our distribution partners. Based on their inputs we develop custom-made, made to fit solutions as the one-size-fits-all approach does not land itself in our chosen market.


Who We Are

New Era Life is a Life Assurance Company with a very rich history. 

The company was established in Limpopo in 1979. 

Over the years and in line with changes in the country, New Era’s shareholding shifted to private hands with the renewed focus on Economic Development in. 

New Era went full circle and returned to its original owners Limpopo in 2017.

It is now a subsidiary of the Limpopo Economic Development Agency (LEDA) 

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What We Do

We exist to partner our customers on their journey of life. 

A journey to financial freedom. We do this by building long lasting relationships based on honesty, integrity and mutual trust. 

Our success is built on our understanding of our customer needs and their future aspirations. On this journey, we commit to growing with them right into the future New Era. 

Our adaptable and flexible approach manifests in our product development and pricing philosophy. 

We are a trusted partner in our customers journey to sustainable financial freedom. 

Please join us on this journey into a brighter future.